Books and CandlesSometimes we have to set the right mood before starting a book.  It can involve finding a comfy couch, a cozy blanket, or maybe a warm beverage.  Personally, I enjoy a nice candle while I’m reading, especially during those cold winter months.  I don’t own any of these candles (mostly because I’m banned from buying more candles…haha) but if I did I think they would pair up perfectly with the following books:

books candlesThese Broken Stars + Lilac Blossoms= Representative of the main character Lilac

Where the Stars Still Shine + Beach Walk= Chosen for the beach setting of the novel

Cruel Beauty + True Rose= I always think of roses when anything is about Beauty and the Beast

Fangirl + Autumn Leaves= Reminds me of walking around on my college campus

Open Road Summer + Blue Summer Sky= Similar to the open field on the cover


Do you have any books that remind you of candles?  Tweet or Instagram us (@literarykate and @whatsarahread) with your own pairings using the #365DaysofYA

Check out Sarah’s blog for Favorite Snowy Day Reads!




2 thoughts on “365 Days of YA: Books & Candles

  1. Jackie G. says:

    I’ve already heard rave reviews about Open Road Summer, so it’s on my wishlist. But, pairing it with the Blue Summer Sky candle makes me want to read it just a little bit more. February’s winter weather has been brutal, so I think I need a book to take me somewhere warm!


    1. Kate says:

      You definitely need to read Open Road Summer. It’s perfect for warmer weather. 🙂


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