22309830Published: January 1,  2015
Source: From Mills & Boon via Netgalley (Thank you!)

Midnight, January 1: time for a big change. Time to make a New Year’s resolution to find romance-or else! Say Yes by Christie Ridgway Cautious florist Ashley Walker is excited to embark on her “Year of Yes” no matter what happens. But accepting a surprise job offer leads to an awkward discovery: she’s hot for her millionaire boss, Chase Bradley! No More Bad Girls by Leslie Kelly Scorched by a string of nightmare ex-girlfriends, Lex Rollins resolves to date only nice women…then is lured by siren Lia before midnight! But Lia is really Amelia, a good girl playing naughty for a night. Can a blind date as their real selves uncover their true desires? Just a Fling by Tanya Michaels Shy, insecure Erin Cross makes two bold resolutions: (A) get on a plane, and (B) have a fling. In pursuit of Option A, she’s mistaken for a key witness in a mob trial and whisked away by a sexy FBI agent! Which just leaves Option B…(Goodreads)

after the last page

I started this 3-1 novella bind-up yesterday intending to finish it before the ball drop.  Well, that didn’t happen but I was able to finish it this evening and enjoyed most of the stories, despite the instalove in all three.  Say Yes by Christie Ridgway was probably my least favorite because it was a little too much reliant on “love at first sight” for me.  My favorite was No More Bad Girls by Leslie Kelly because I really enjoyed the case of mistaken identity between Lex and Amelia.  Just a Fling by Tanya Michaels was a bit too unbelievable for my taste but Agent Foster was pretty sexy!




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