Taylor-SwiftBased on my title it’s obvious that I’m pretty much obsessed with Taylor Swift’s new album 1989.  I have had it on constant repeat at work, at home and in my car.  I can’t remember the last time I’ve listened to a CD where I like every. single. song.  It’s incredible and suits all my moods.  As someone who got out of a long term relationship a few months ago I can relate to songs like “This Love” and “All You Had To Do Was Stay.”  On the other hand, now that I’m with someone new, I find myself singing along to “Style”, “Out of the Woods”, and “You Are in Love”.  It’s awesome that the lyrics make sense no matter if you’re single or head over heels.

20757528I have been failing on the reading front.  I started Whatever Life Throws at You early last week but have been bad about picking it up again.  You see, life is getting busy and wonderful all at the same time.  Work has picked up a lot which honestly is a little stressful at times but it’s good to have things to do.  I’ve been dating my new man since July and right now I’m in the process of moving in with him.  Which means I’m going to have to find somewhere to put all my books even though he’s allowing me to keep my big bookshelf in our new living room.  I can’t even tell you how happy and content I am right now.  I finally feel like I’ve found what I’ve been looking for, as cheesy as that sounds.  Everyone has always told me that when you meet the right person you will just know…and well after the first date I just KNEW! He also has a cat so it’s great that Summer has a playmate.  They are best buddies now and we often take adorable pictures of them together.

I can’t believe that it is already November.  It has cooled down significantly here in the city and I’m finally starting to wear a coat.  Thankfully, we are heading to Disney World in a few weeks.  I am seriously pumped because I’ve never ever been before.  I think we’re going to have an amazing time!

I have decided to participate in the Broke & Bookish Secret Santa again this year.  Last year was super fun so I’m excited to buy for whoever I end up getting paired up with.  I’m going to work on updating my wishlist today.  If you’re interested in participating you can check out the link here.  Well, that’s all the updates I have for now.  Maybe I’ll turn this into a weekly thing once I figure out a name for it.  I am hoping to read a little this weekend in between cleaning and getting ready to move.



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